Robotics without expensive building blocks kits

Educational program for children
Introducing children to engineering tasks in elementary school brings a host of benefits:
Children are fascinated with building things – and with it, they see, how these things work.
Knowledge application
During solving engineering tasks, children calls to apply what they know about science and math and their learning enhanced as result.
Career choice
Classroom engineering activities allow children to try engineering profession and to find out their interest in it.
Hands-on and project-based learning is the essence of engineering. Children figures out how to work with different materials, develop their spatial thinking.
Modern way
Engineering activities improves technological literacy of citizens, which positively affects different areas: energy, healthcare, environment.
Project-based education
Makerobots studio has developed educational program that applied interdisciplinary approach. This program is designed for 4 years of study and involves children 8-17 years. The technology is quite simple: every student has an engineering task - to develop specific device that match some requirements. Under supervision of mentor, student finds the way to solve the task, depends on available materials, tools and electric circuit schematics.
Real-world skills
In educational process we use real-world instruments such as soldering iron, cutting and measuring tools. Senior students introduced in CAD and CNC machining, and also, 3D printing. All projects that were constructed during the lessons, students takes to themselves. This fact increases students motivation, because they can play with products of their work, deconstruct and upgrade it without limits of educational equipment like the most of educational construction sets. All content of educational program was tested in practice. Also, we developed vocational educational programs for different periods of time and age categories of students.
Comprehensive team
Makerobots is an interdisciplinary team, containing competent engineers, teachers, programmers and artists. We have 5 years of experience in this area. We continuously improving our competence and command staff.
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